Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I am doing great. This past week we have been walking in the hot summer sun most of the time. Yesterday, Monday, we had activity at the mission home for Christmas; all we did was take a tour of the house because it is being converted into a MTC.  We also watched a few of the new bible videos the church has.  We had lunch with two zones.  I got to visit with my old MTC companion. The week really was quick, as normal. Nearing Christmas we see a few lights here and there and plenty of trees. Everyone is all in a buzz for the holidays and when we went to the center of Santiago for a p-day everyone was Christmas shopping. In our sector there is a Christmas Feria in Cortijo.  That’s where they sell random stuff for gifts. That’s really the highlights of anything new.  I am loving the mission though.  We work very hard but it is so much fun doing it.  I get along really well with my companion, Elder Gomez, and we chat and laugh whenever we are just in the street knocking.  We have an investigator named Cruz who is excited to go to church and knows the church is true.  Another is a father, Sergio.  He isn’t a member but his daughter is and he is bound determined to get baptized. Also a young man named Ivan, who we get along with because we all like being nerds.  I also have finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish and have started on D&C and find it so enlightening.  It’s just awesome! I know this Church is true and we have the knowledge of the fullness of the gospel.  Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Hola elder, hace tiempo que no sé nada de usted espero que este muy bien.
    Le escribo para desearle un feliz año y mucho éxito en todo lo que esta haciendo :)
    ya termino el libro en español? genial!! Yo voi en helamán me queda poquito :), el trabajo no me deja leer mucho asi que leo en la noches cuando Lucas duerme... y muchas veces me he quedado dormida, así que no avanzo mucho jaja...

    Acá nosotros siempre le recordamos y esperamos volver a verlo, lo queremos :)

    Bueno espero que este muy bien
    Cuidece muchos saludos!