Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot, sick and loving it!

Well this week was a busy one and a hard one, but I still loved it all.  Monday we just hung out and tried a bunch of times to get money.  It’s hard right now because the only supply of money we have is from tellers (ATMs) around town and there is only one in my sector.  After we found it out of money, we had to leave our sector and look for other machines.  All the other ones close by didn’t have any money either—due to every one pulling out money for the holidays.  We then ventured to a mall a ways off and again found none.  We got home tired and hungry, but thankfully the owners of the home we live in gave us a lunch. The week has been very hot; yesterday was the hottest and the day we were out the most.  We knocked an entire street and nobody let us in until literally the last one.  I learned the lesson of sacrifice there. (Even still I look white as a gringo here.)  Thursday my companion got sick and threw up.  A member gave us an ounce (?).  We had to do everything to tell her we can’t eat ounce and had to take it home.  When we ate it my comp got sick and threw up, then Saturday I got sick (a delay or something) and the same thing happened me.  Sunday was Stake conference and it was fun, we had an investigator come and she loved it all. There were great messages.  It is still awesome that I can talk and understand Spanish like I do. Also there was a choir with a few members from my ward which was very good sounding for just 15 people or so.  I just love the work and thank my heavenly father for all the strength he gives me; I say this just so you know I am growing in every way.

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