Monday, December 3, 2012

Enjoying Conchali

I am in Conchali, a part of the Greater Santiago area.  My companion is Elder Gomez from Argentina.  He is a great worker and we get along great; he even lets me lead, which I enjoy very much.  This past week we have work very hard in the hot sun, but, I have loved every minute of it!  We laugh and talk in the street and enjoy teaching.  It is hard and tiring but it is great and fun.  We have 10 people this past week who have interest in the Church.  We talked with a few young adult age people on the street and they said over and over that they want to come to Church.  I know the Lord blesses us if we show Him that we are will to work.  I did get to see an investigator from my old sector get baptized.  It was wonderful to see that family again.  The young lady who was baptized even talked about turning in her papers to serve a mission as soon as she can.
We have found a guardian, a dog that started following us one day.  We ended up buying some food for the dog and filled a bottle with water for it.  We named it Korihor.  It chases of other dogs.
We were talking to this lady at her door and the day was hot and I was tired and little cranky—and the lady made me more cranky.  She was calling us a cult and other dumb stuff.  So I looked at the lady and said the Catholic church is false and you need to read the Bible, chao and we left.  My companion just laughed as we walked away.
The Zone played soccer on p-day.  I got to see my MTC companion.  We caught up and he told me he hopes we can be companions again—which made me feel good.

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