Monday, November 5, 2012

A weird week

Well this week was just, well, I don’t know, weird.  Work was slow so that part isn’t too exciting. We talked with two very odd people this past week.  One is a man who is an evangelist and he loves the missionaries.  He talks a ton and says weird doctrine; like our body is the church and if we love God then we don’t need to be a part of a church. But, he’s a good guy and very kind to us.  Another person is an older lady; well really old.  She told us that she receives healing powers from the sun and believes it is God giving it to her.  Sadly she used this so called power to heal someone, and I honestly felt she possessed the poor person with a demon, but honestly things like that are common here....but life here is fun.  The house we live in is a little shack that likes to keep in the humidity and make it super hot at night and a home for the cockroaches, which we hunt with a hammer and a makeshift flamethrower.  One day I had an exchange with a kid from California, who is Latino through is parents.  He knows Spanish.  We got along very well and mostly talked the day away since no one would talk with us.  Also, people have been asking a lot about Obama and Romney and really all I can say is I have no idea, I don’t watch the news.  Oh well I guess.  Scripture study is always my favorite and I just love reading and learning.  I have food, a home and a proposito (sorry I don’t remember the word in English) which is just to share and I do that with the spirit and scriptures.  I’m happy, just trying to be obedient and work.

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  1. Elder la verdad nose como llegue aqui,
    pero me gusto mucho lo que escribe :)
    Me llego su carta, nosotros igual lo extrañamos mucho.
    Le envie dos cartas,espero que le hayan llegado
    y esta semana le enviare otra,pero no me se su direccion....
    Cuidece mucho espero le este yendo bien
    Saludos a la distancia