Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfers, staying put in Conchali

Nothing comes to mid as new and exciting the past few weeks.  Elder Gomez and I knocked so many doors and asked all the members for referrals, but nothing.  Sergio and Ivan left us and we are still teaching Cruz but she is struggling a little.  I guess I got blessed to be in the hardest sector of the mission, which is what all the other missionaries and members say, anyway.  We walked and talked to everyone we could this week, but nobody seemed to want us to come in; but we still work hard and long and I love feeling good at night knowing I tried my best.  We have gotten close to a family that treats us like their kids almost, I think it’s because I shared my candy with them, but I am doing great and love the work and enjoy talking to people and learning about Christ from the scriptures.
The weather is in full swing with boiling dry heat, but I think my body is getting used to it all.  I can’t see the mountains or the ocean, sadly because it is all city, there are a few hills, one which is Cerro Renca.
Yes, transfers have come and I am staying here but my good friend Elder Gomez has left.  I got along really well with him and am sad to see him leave.  Now I am with another elder from Argentina, Elder Arcos, he seems chill and I met him before in Estrella Sur. This past week we went to the Centro on Monday which was fun, I got a couple of shirts I liked and it was all pretty cheap as well, which helped.
I love you all and appreciate your prayers and letters.

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