Monday, January 21, 2013

Working hard, doing great

It has been almost 11 months in the mission for me.  I am in Conchali 14th Ward, a ward near the center of Santiago.  My current companion is Elder Arcos, from Argentina. We get along great and we are both working hard.  I have been here in this ward for 3 months and know it like my ward back home.  I will be here for another month and a half, so it has become a little home for me.  The work is going great.  We have plenty of people interested and teach lots of lessons.  The Chileans are in vacation now and the weather is as hot as can be; I look like a native—except for the hair.  The language is also great with many times people thinking I am my companion on the phone (because if they saw me they would know I was a gringo).  The mission is a wonderful place and my testimony grows everyday.  I love studying the scriptures and know of their truth and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the restored gospel.  Thanks to all for your support, it’s a wonderful work and a privilege to do it.
-Elder Shelley

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