Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Soccer in Chile and my birthday

Chile is doing great since they won a very important soccer game against Peru yesterday.  I have no idea how the soccer game works, my companion tries explaining and I get most of it, but it’s a whole different world.  Apparently soccer matches affect politics, and that’s not being sarcastic people down here are fanatics from the street bum, who I saw at a pub watching on the TV with the room packed, to the President of the country.  Sadly it affects the work too, there was not a soul outside yesterday, and one house we got into was with a less active member.  He let us in and then sat down watched the game for a minute then finally looked at us and said "elders how can I help you?"  Well this should have been a question directed at him so.  We said we just wanted to see how he was doing and that we would be stopping by later and left.  Another time we were let in and the guy who let us in told us to sit and be quiet while the game was a play and we talked during commercials, but let because it was pointless.  My birthday was spent in the street with all our visits failing.  My companion, being the weird loving person he is, bought me some ice cream and a sandwich and told me happy birthday.  He also bought me an Inca Cola, a soda from Peru.  Sunday I had a surprise visit at the church when I arrived.  There was a convert, her mother (non member) and her uncle.  I was shocked and happy, because I care about that family a lot, and it was great to see them.  I am doing great, just continuing teaching and preaching. I love it here.

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