Monday, February 25, 2013

Off to Pudahuel

For the mission, my week has been a little blurred because I had changes.  The weekend was remembered because I said goodbye to a lot of people I care about and they the same for me.   It is weird to think 4 and a half months passed by so fast.  I am now in a sector called Corona Sueca, Pudahuel.  It’s near where I first started actually.  Also I am with a gringo after the string of Latinos, named Elder Roberts.  He is from West Valley City, Utah.  We will be opening a new sector.  Yesterday was goodbyes.  I also meet a Swedish woman the other day.  It was at a house where a member rents in the back and she was a daughter or something of the owner.  I had the chance to talk to her a bit.  I found she was a translator and knew Swedish (of course), English and German; also a bit of French and Spanish.  She is self employed and said there is lots of work here, since it’s Swedish and German and she does other stuff.  She goes on lots of trips and knows quite a few places.  She was really nice and I did get to share a little about the missionaries and the church.  I was just happy to meet a Swede other then family.  So that’s my week and we'll see how all the change go this next month.  It is crazy to think I have been here a year.  Well thanks for the letters.
-Elder Shelley

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