Monday, March 11, 2013

The work is going great!

The work is going great.  We have a lady and her sister who want to get baptized.  One is 100% on going with it; well, at least she says that.  There is just one thing she needs to give up and that’s the hard part.  Saturday we were with her and her family and were teaching and sadly the idea of gold plates came up.....and I had to do all I could to get that out of the way because she thought gold was from the devil.  I tried to explain that it is not, greed is what comes from the devil.  Then the word of wisdom came up and they thought it was ok just to drink a little.  They don’t understand why we have such "strict rules".  I put my foot down and told them it is a commandment from God and we must therefore follow it—even if God tells me to go and bark on the street like a dog.  Well it felt powerful; I was very scared but they stopped with all that and we did our best to end with the spirit.

A couple days ago we had been having a very long day and could not find anyone to teach and ended up on a corner not having any plans.  Well, the next thing is a miracle happened.  We just saw a man entering his home and started talking to him.  He was nice and let us in which of course made us happy.  The whole time my comp was and his prayer was answered as this man let us in.  We get in, talk a little, get to know him, and then we teach.  It was one of the most spiritual lessons I can remember, giving the first vision made me cry and we taught with such power and the spirit was so strong.  Near the end, we asked him how he felt; with his watering eyes he said he just felt important and special.  I don’t know how else to explain it except the love of God our Father was there in that moment and we all felt it.  He promised to read and pray with a firm promise.  We left with a good feeling and high hopes.

Sunday came and we arrived with our investigator, the lady from before January, sitting in the back and reading.  She greeted us with a smile and stayed for sacrament meeting.  We had a tiring week and lots of times we could have just said, “Well we did enough”, but keep going.  I love it here, it is the hardest thing I have ever done, but am grateful for the experiences my Heavenly Father gives me.  I have learned so much here.

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