Monday, April 1, 2013

El Salto and Easter Week

Well I am doing fine, but changes have hit.  I am staying here in el Salto, while Elder Roberts goes to the island of Juan Fernandez!  It was sad to say goodbye.  We had become good friends, but we both are from Utah so the possibility to see each other again is always there.  I am now with Elder Xavier, from Uruguay, the capital city I think.  He is a great Elder.  We already get along and he seems cool and super nice.  The week was alright, it went by really fast and I don’t remember much.  Saturday we had FHE at the church.  A lot of people came and it was quite fun.  We had a lesson and played games.  The Elders did the games as well.  I think that was the best part of it all and I’m sure everyone had fun.
Easter here is a week long thing that has been morphed by commercialism.  It’s the weekend that does it though.  Friday is doing nothing but watch videos about God.  I did see a little bit of The Ten Commandments.  They only eat fish, so fish prices sky rocket; other meats are cheap so we take advantage of that.  It is supposed to be a week to remember Christ and his death, thus, it makes great contacting and bringing up that He lives again.  This week with my new companion has been fun and we have worked very hard.  Thursday and Friday are kind of a holiday, where if you are young and rebellious, you go be that.  We had to return home early on both Friday and Saturday.   There was a lot of noise and activity—such as gun shots and cop cars patrolling the streets and such.  My companion and I hung out with the other two Elders in our apartment.  The work is going great and we have 3 people with a date to be baptized.  One investigator came up to us yesterday at church and asked if we could teach him.  Our gold investigator is Marcel; he’s an older fellow about 50 or so and is looking for the truth.  He has lots of belief but lacks just that little push, but we teach all the time and he progresses.
Thanks for all your love, support and prayers

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