Monday, August 27, 2012

A trio of Elders and eating horse.

Well this week I found out I ate horse and a member peed his pants laughing at our skit in the noche de talentos (talent night).  We have found 4 new people to teach, 3 families:   Javier, Carlos, and Patricia; the other is a cousin named Esteban.  All are around 10 to 14.  We taught in the patio, because the parents where busy.  During the lesson I knew they felt the spirit and they knew it also.  We asked if they would want to be baptized when they know if the Libro de Mormon is true, and they said yes!  Also this week we had another elder join us making us a trio.  His name is Elder Ruis and he is from Peru.  I also had a pack of dogs beg attention from only me and follow us around.  Here in Renca everyone is very poor and we meet lots of interesting people.  One time we meet some good kids and Elder Villagran accepted a smoke from them; "accidentally" dropping it.  We meet very humble people here in the slumish suburbs.  One family is just really nice and loves having us over and share about Christ.  The mission is the best and I have never been happier.

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