Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Continued work with Elder Villagran from Guatemala in Renca

Well ok this week has been crazy, I got sick and that put me out for a day.  We had a very bad companion who has now left.  We have lots of visits to make out of our sector for our chuaco elder. This may be a short blog, because not much happened and I don’t want to write sad stuff.  We have had a baptism.  He is a 12 year old named Isaac; he has a strong relationship with God and believes in the church firmly.  He talks of serving a mission, and his baptism has been a catalyst.  We have a friend of his taking lessons named Katy, the sister of his friend.  We have had changes and are now entering a new 6 weeks.  I and my companion, Elder Villagran from Guatemala, are excited and ready to keep working hard.  I am doing great and love how I can actually speak another language and learn so much about our Lord’s church and the truthfulness of it—there just isn’t anyway that it is not true. Thank you all who read and your support, the blogs are short, but they hold a testimony that this work is true and the Lord is watching over us and helping us. Love you all.
-Elder Shelley

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