Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doing well and National Day

Well this week has been a party week for the people I am serving and they know how to party.  There are amosads everyday at every house, the parks are always full of people playing soccer and bolantin.  It’s a festive country and I love it.  There is a dance that some how you know or learn called the Cueca and it is really cool.  I would say look it up in YouTube or something.  I am doing well, I love the mission and all the experiences I have.  I honestly think that I have learned a million times more things here than if I would have if I stayed home.  The mission is preparing me and the Lord helps me through trials, but I want them, they make me learn and grow and the more I do that, the more I can do to help and serve others.  So I am having a fun time and don’t worry the Spanish is coming fine, even to the point that I dream a few times in Spanish.  It becomes a part of how I speak, instead of thinking for 10 seconds then talking.  Thanks to all who read my blog and all your support I definitely need it and very much appreciate it. -Elder Shelley

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