Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New sector in Renca

This week I had a transfer and am now in Renca with a new companion.  I’m now with Elder Villagran a Guatemalan.  He is very friendly and just a great missionary.  We get along fine; he also loves learning English.  We live in an apartment with two other missionaries, one from Ecuador the other from Midway, Utah.  The one from Ecuador is a convert of about a year, he was a Jehovah Witness and took the lessons in secret and was baptized in secret as well; and it’s a great story.  We live in a more impoverish part of Santiago, but I really find it better because in my old sector we had both rich and poor and both where very distinct.  The more impoverish were a lot more receptive to us and our message.  I meet the members of the ward in my new sector yesterday at church.  We also have a baptism coming up.  I get to confirm and will need to practice the words for that.  Speaking of language it is coming great and I’m told that I don’t have a gringo accent anymore.  That’s really great.  Thanks everyone for your support!

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