Friday, March 30, 2012

Another great week in the MTC

This week has been great.  It has been the same most everyday, I learn Spanish, better ways to teach and become closer to the spirit each time I fall on my face. We wake up, walk to class eat, class, teach, eat, learn and walk some more.  I feel the spirit with me all the time and know I couldn’t do what I have been doing without it. To scare everyone, in Chile (where I am going) it’s the poorest place in the country and so slightly dangerous. 14 year old kids have guns to "protect" their territory so I might experience that.  I am told to have some cash so when if I get mugged I have something for them. But I know I will be protected and just fine because I have the Lord on my side.  With the strength of our Lord we can do all things. Thank you all for your support and prayers I know I am doing the Lord’s work.  Chao Elder Erik Shelley

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