Friday, April 6, 2012

The Book of Mormon is true

Well this week was a fun week, everyday we learn and teach. I actually teach real people in Spanish!  I’m not so much as nervous now, but anxious when I do teach.  While I write I wonder who reads this, and who knows really, but I thank you for reading anyways.  The days here feel almost short to me, at the end of the day I want to do more.  I enjoy teaching more than...well anything!  There is personal study for me and I am proud to say I have read the Book of Mormon and know for a fact that it is true.  I receive revelation all the time and realize there is a lot to learn and never enough time to do so.  I love this gospel and everything the church brings.
If you don’t know, my companion's name is Elder Hart; he is a good person.  He is very dedicated in the work and keeps me in line.  We teach rather well together and work off each other well also, but we still need to get a long a little better. My President says this is marriage prep, so it appears men really aren’t as good and mature as women.
I love it here.  I love the work.  Everyone is a good person and wants to be here.  I work all day and sleep all night.  See ya'll next week

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  1. Dear Elder Shelley: I read every word of your blog every week and really appreciate your taking time to write it. These missionary blogs from my grandsons fill my heart and my soul to see you are all doing so well. I don't get to talk with you very often, so reading what you write is the next best thing. Maybe it's the best thing, because you probably tell me more about your inner thoughts when you write.

    My father had a saying: Start out like you can hold out. It appears you are doing just that.

    Love, Grandma