Monday, March 19, 2012

2 days in

Hola Familiares y amigos,
It is going well and I'm learning a lot; though it is all hard to keep up with.  Yesterday I taught a lesson in Spanish, which did not go so well because I hardly know any at all.  I feel like I want to go home at times but then I think why I'm here or just forget about it because I get to work.  Adjusting to waking up at is proving difficult for me, I'm tired until our gym break, and then I wake up. My companion is great, he is a really good kid, but I'm still shy and need to talk more.  Everyone in my room is an athlete and I'm the nerd, but we get along. The work is hard and the days so far are long, but I have grown so much in these past few days.  Everyone in my district is great people and I really respect them. My p-day is on Fridays, sometime in the morning. So much change in just a couple of days I don’t know what to say. I'm trying to develop good study habits and read my scriptures everyday. I have honestly not prayed as much and as hard ever in my life. But I know the Lord is helping me and He is the only reason I lasted as long as I have. I think the spirit I feel from my companion and district, the teachers, my family and the Holy Ghost are what keep me going.  My testimony grows stronger each minute. The lesson I taught was really humbling, by showing me I have lots to learn. The other elders in my building may be the same age but they are much older in the spirit and help us greenies out a lot.  In our building it is a tradition to give everyone a hug before bed which really brings us together.

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  1. We love you Erik and are so excited for you! We're looking forward to following you on your journey. You're going to be great and don't worry, lots of girls like "nerds" (I certainly do!):)Love--Aunt Janet