Friday, November 1, 2013

A month in Gambino

Independence week was celebrated here in Chile  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at a church building getting fat off meat and watching shows.  I really admired how they all get together and have fun, all day long from 11:00 am to 2:00 am early the next morning.  My companion and I got there around noon played games for a while.  Games included hitting a bunch of cans with tape balls, sack race, volantines (a kite), and playing soccer.  Lunch was great considering the amount of people; we had pork and rice with potatoes. The desert was one of my favorites, tuti fruti (a Chilean version of fruit salad but better).  Next was a little more games and then back inside for shows.  They were fun and entertaining, near 9:00 pm, they began to dance and as a missionary we can’t dance obliviously.  We helped clean up a bit and went home, filled with the classic empanadas de pino. The rest of the week was great and had plenty of spiritual lessons.
 Ana Zuñiga isn’t a member but her husband is the Elders quorum President.  Many elders have tried to baptize her with no success, so we decide to try.  The lesson we had with them on Friday I will never forget.  The day was going well and we had prepared two lessons and decided how we felt would decide how we taught. Right before we entered we said a prayer for guidance. As we went I and began to teach, I felt the spirit as I began to speak and it took over and words began to come out, it was very powerful and honestly don’t know how to describe it to you, but it was just a warm feeling and Ana began to open up.  After the lesson, her husband left us at the gate and said she had never been so receptive.
  Another was Mauricio and Gabriela; these two also have been visited by many missionaries and hadn’t ever progressed.  We taught them on Sunday.  We found his concerns and let him talk.  Mauricio opened up and began to share.  He said something that made us feel good.  He said that of all the missionaries we were different and let him talk.  In the end he promised to ask God if he should get married and be baptized, and said it with conviction.
  Also yesterday we taught Maria a 14 year old who said she wanted to go on a mission.  Now this lesson was great but funnier than anything.  After watching the Restoration movie we began to talk serious about her testimony and what not.  Then out of no where the member, Bro. Muñoz, said “Maria we invite you to the water the 12 of October..."  Maria didn’t know what that meant and looked at him funny as he had a serious very face.  I couldn’t help it and laughed as my companion sat there shaking his head.  In the end she accepted to be baptized.
Well the baptism went over great. Betty Villasagua is her name. It is a wonder to think that someone can get baptized so fast, she already seemed like a member. It was a nice ceremony with plenty of members and the spirit strong. In the past month and a half my companion and I have seen the ward grow. It’s great to find that we have trust with the members and have worked hard and see fruits of our labors.
It was another great week, I get a long great with my companion, and we teach so well together the best in my experience. I love it here in Gambino and am having a wonderful time, even though drunken people contact me and this week was a bit crazy with all the parties.

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