Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Conference weekend

Well this week has of course been another blur and some days as I go to bed I think, did I not just get up? We have plenty of lessons, this week we had 22 not counting with menos activo. We have 3 with a date, but two live in another ward, but either way it’s great to get people to baptism. I just work and learn.
 I am getting a good hold of the language and understanding the Chileans, it’s just when they get excited (or really mad) that they just fly and I can not understand a thing.  Well summer has hit, but this week has been cold and cloudy. It even rained a lot this weekend. There are mountains close, but there is always smog so it’s hard, but there is a bridge that we cross to get on the other side of the highway, and there they are big and snowcapped. We are in a valley, a lot like Utah, but deeper and more hills, at least where I have been. Cerro Renca is the dominate hill right next to us with a cross at the top. Renca is a smaller town; I was told it used to be an old farming community back in the day. We will walk most of the time unless we have something far away; we take the bus, or micro as it’s called, if we need to. Our sector is long and skinny. The streets may be paved, but there are plenty of missing parts. They are a hard working people and care about family. I love them.  My companion and I are just two good friends sharing the gospel. He will have me help with English sometimes, but president has asked me to talk as much Spanish, so it’s Spanish basically 24/7.
We watched General Conference in Spanish at the stake center, so that was fun trying to understand everything, but I got most of it. It is really not the same though, listening to other voices for the speakers. I was a little sad, though, only about 20 people came Saturday, and most were missionaries in our stake. Sunday was better; at least we almost filled the chapel. We had a few investigators come, but only for the Sunday morning session. I was edified though, it is not anything like crying my eyes out, but a simple truth, to go and do my duty and go forward with faith. The announcement of the new missionary age minimum was great to hear, I hope many will answer this great call to serve. It is a wonderful experience. I can’t think of any better experience I could be having right now.

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