Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New friends, people and dogs

Well this week has been full, we teach a lot and visit lots of in-active members, so my feet are just fine.  I always meet new friends whether they are people or dogs—mostly dogs.  Today I helped members with a service project.  I dug holes for a fence and even got to weld.  It was out in the middle of nowhere.  The lunch was good with a lot of meat that was really good. I’ll wake up to a little frost on the window and will slide into my hoody and hat, that I have acquired from the feria.  I am adjusting alright but the stress is there, which leaves during the night, because apparently I talk in my sleep a lot.  I find an interesting spirit here, even though it’s the same probably just a different culture.  I have hard times and great times but always remember the great times, even if it’s just the feelings.  I love serving and working because it brings happiness. This is why I am here to share that with others.  Elder Shelley

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