Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have arrived! Culture shock!

Well, my first week here and it’s been a culture shock.  I saw a man chase someone with a machete and there is a dog per person. I love it though.  It is the best thing I have done in my life; coming on a mission. I struggle with the language, but the people are super patient and friendly. We have a baptism date with an investigator and hope he keeps it. My companion is great at teaching and a great teacher for me.  He is already my friend and I learn a lot from him.  His name is Elder Metcalf and he is from Utah as well as me. I work all day and easily fall asleep at night, we teach a lot and my input grows little by little. I live in the slums—really; every house is little and has a high fence with spikes at the top, no lawns, no trees, just little plants maybe. It gets cold and foggy, but it is winter.  I will see what it’s like in the summer time. Basically I love being on a mission even though it is super hard and frustrating at times. A lot happens each day.  See you next week.
Elder Shelley

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