Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It has been awhile.

Well have had several baptisms since my last entry. And we continue to find people and teach the gospel. We have moved into a new house. It is great and big enough. We really only occupy one room. There is not much time to really enjoy it because we are always out working. I did have a fever recently. It is ridiculous how many times I get sick here. I am sure it is all the city smog. I continue to serve in El Salto, now over 7 months. I have a new companion, Elder Pereira is from Uruguay. He has been out for three months has it is wonderful to see his energy. Being in the same sector for a long time is interesting, and sometimes a little hard. Members and investigators get so used to you, and many times want you to spend so much time with them. Yesterday was a test of that, but I feel good when I say we need to go and work for the Lord. The mission is going well; we have others with potential to be baptized. We have spent so much time working on the ones we have, helping them get ready and all. We now need to refocus on finding new ones. That is how it goes, we find and teach and then find some more, I like it a little better to be honest. I feel great walking in the street and talking to people, it is different than running from one appointment to the next. Last week was ward conference. The Bishop, being who he is organized as he is, held a week long conference. Bishop Rojas is a very inspired person. Every day but Monday there was something in the church. We the elders went to the meeting on Wednesday. This meeting was “every member a missionary" and all were invited to go and share the gospel with everyone in the street. Sadly only about 6 people came....but those people are the strongest and went out with excitement. All were given flyers for the conference week inviting everyone. I, with my companion, went with Sister Reyes and Sister Aguilar. Sister Reyes talked to everyone and did such a great job! She was the first to talk and when she saw someone she went out of her way to go and talk to them. It was a great experience doing contacts in the street with the members. On Saturday we had a talent show, which went over well and the 5 elders did a little mission day skit. Sunday was the grand conference and we heard talks by both our Bishop and the Stake President. I was lifted up and had a great day at church. Today for p-day we played soccer with the young men and a couple investigators. Wednesday it was raining all day, and no one opened the door. Surprisingly I was happy, but really happy; it was just fun to be out knocking doors and working. This work is of God, it just has to be, what 20 year old boy goes out in the rain to preach? I love it! Friday was funny; we did a service by taking out the ceiling in a house. The ceiling was made of Styrofoam so we took a broom and just punched it all out. It got everywhere. We and the three children that helped us cleaned it all up. We have gone on splits with members almost every day this week. The mission is going great. Yesterday I had an interview with the Mission President. He lifted my spirits having him tell me I am doing a wonderful job.

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