Monday, May 27, 2013

May Update

We had changes and I am staying with my companion Elder Xavier here in el Salto. Also this week we did service and painted a house for a member. The two Mexican elders in our house left and one went home and we have yet to meet the new elders. 
Well to answer the breakfast question, I eat oatmeal to cereal to a sandwich.  Today my companion made me a Swedish pancakes and filled it with caramel sauce, which made me sick afterwards.....but my week was a fun one.   Monday, my comp and I went to downtown in search of stuff my companion wanted to see.  We found a building full of little stores, mostly hair care and doctor stuff, but I found a shop that sells medieval weapons and armor; it’s was just interesting to see.  I saw Viking stuff and that was the highlight for my p day.  My comp walked everywhere looking at everything.  Almost every day of the week we have been teaching a family.  Marcela is the mother, Yeneli is the daughter with her boyfriend Cristian and their two daughters.  Millaray is another daughter, Oliver a grandson; and also a nephew of Millaray.  It is a little complicated, but here it is normal.  We teach them and it is going wonderfully.  They attended church on Sunday and a member picked them up!  I love sharing with them and they love having us over, since we pass by every day.  The two young ones, Millaray and Oliver want to be baptized, especially Oliver.  Cristian does as well, he’s about 20.  He is just a little lazy so we have to push a bit.  I am finding I love this sector and all the people in it.  We are also teaching Angelo and Carolina, they came as well to church and everyone in the ward welcomed them and was nice!  Sunday was a great day, well the morning.  Friday, here in Santiago we had a freak hail storm with thunder and lightning.  Luckily we were in a house right as it happened and it was funny because no one has seen that before and it actually scared a lot of people.  It was all over the news, my comp was yelling ¨snow! snow!¨  I explained it was hail and he along with the Chileans were so fascinated by it all.  Saturday we had an interesting day, we met a lady the day before who is the community leader and had a visit planned at 10 in the morning.  It fell through and we had to run home to prepare for English classes and run to get the keys for the church and then go get set up at the church, in final no one I am tired and ending the English classes.  Afterwards, we had lunch with a great family.
The couple we have been teaching, Angelo and Carolina, we taught them the law of chastity and it went over really well.  Angelo, being married, talked about getting divorced and married to Carolina so he could be baptized.   They both have attended to church and are learning and reading a lot.  Before the lesson on chastity, I was worried a lot how they would take it, so I said a prayer with my comp before we knocked the door and it seemed that I didn’t speak and that the words just flowed out of my mouth.  I have high hopes for them.  Saturday we had visits 4 to 7 every half hour.  The first told us to come by later....the next one we passed by was a nice lady...and told us to come by later, and finally we talked to Nicolas, a man about 25ish and he said to come by later, in about 10 minutes later.  I thought ok yeah lets go talk to someone and get a visit and come back.  We come back and he let us in and we taught; it was great.  I found he is looking for answers about life and why bad things happen.  I felt the spirit as we taught and he promised to read before we even asked him.  We plan to visit him today with a member about his age. Also the Abarca family, Millaray the little daughter, and Cristian the boyfriend accepted a date to be baptized! I love teaching them and it’s always fun to go over, they love us and say they feel something different when we are over there.  Of course I tell them it’s the spirit. Friday we had interviews with president and it went well.  He seemed happy with the work I am doing.  We walked home instead of taking a bus, to save money and surprisingly we meet a kid and invited him to church and it seemed like he would, even though he lives in a different sector.  Thanks for all the letters.  Elder Shelley

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