Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy all the time

I am doing great; the joy I feel here is amazing.  I just feel happy all
the time.  We have a couple of families that are awesome, and I hope
they are baptized.  I have felt the spirit so strong; one time in the home of the Duran Guzman family, I just gave my testimony.  I felt so
warm and about cried and could tell they felt the spirit. And I did it
all in almost fluent Spanish; I didn’t think just spoke.  Everything is
great, we are at centro today for p-day and are going to get me some
ties and take a few pictures of the Andes.
 I had my first empanada and they are sooo good here, I love the food
they have here.  The people here are good at using very little; all
have the handyman do it yourself attitude that I really have come to
admire.  We meet a man who had a head, but he goes to work all the same.  At home all
he has is himself and a few tapes to listen to.  I actually gave him a
blessing, not of health, but just did my best to help his spirit.  We
stopped by again to just tell him he’s a great person and we care about
him.  People here are very strong in faith, but they don’t act on it
enough.  I just love the people all the same, but I really need to
work on showing it.  Lessons are going great, my Spanish improves little and I
am doing fine.

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